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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups - #34: …but I turned it off….

This week's challenge is a word prompt....…but I turned it off….

But I turned it off, it wasn’t m' fault, it’s the 'orse, of course, that decided to bolt.
I took leaps of faith and tried to undo, the pain and the angst of m' best friend 'oo,
Could never resist the joys of Torbay where she went with 'er friends each Wednesday.

But I turned it off and it didn’t work, a bit like m' Da' who sometimes would shirk,
A day of 'ard labour, of sweat and of toil and blisters on 'ands that rose like a boil,
And now it’s all gone, life’s just not that fun because that thing was a thing that never was on.



  1. I like the way this strolls along & covers so many things. Thank you so much for joining in the silliness that is the 100WCGU!


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