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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – #42 LIBERTY EMPIRE APPLE YELLOW ENORMOUS


Just about on time this week. Here is the entry for Week 42 of the 100 Word Challenge in which we had to use the following words

Liberty Jack

Let me tell you a story about Liberty Jack,
From a time long ago from way on back.
He big, he was bad, he was a man on a mission
To prove them all wrong, he had an ambition.
Jack had a plan, his mind was on fire,
“Gonna build myself a huge new empire”.
He wanted bigger than big, he wanted it enormous.
He wanted yellow, black and red and looking kinda fabulous.
So Jack built his biz and he made himself some money,
But he never found a woman, he never found his honey.
No apple of his eye, no one to share the tale
Of Liberty Jack, the man who couldn’t fail.



  1. That is a great poem. It made me chuckle. Well done.

  2. Analysis from my 14 year old son >>>>

    Throughout the poem there is a strong sense of ambition and harmonious will in the narrator’s persona. This can be shown by the repeated alternating rhyme scheme all the way through the poem showing how there is a harmony to his action.

    This is also written in free verse which emphasises the ideas of the narrator’s views being free and natural. Due to the lack of the repeated line length or constant rhythm in the poem, we see the possibility that there is a lock of care, which causes the failure to achieve his ambitions.

    Jack’s mind is also described to be “on fire”. This metaphorical image of his mind to be on fire shows how his mind is a source of greatness. In intelligence, ambition and hope, and light signifies hope.

    There is also frequent mono-syllabilism throughout the poem, showing how the simplicity of the narrator’s actions and views. Which evokes a strong sense of pathos in the latter part of the poem where we find the narrator can’t accomplish these actions and ideas to the level he wants.

    There are also several uses of enjambment in the poem showing the free flowing harmonious nature and natural ideas of the narrator. This builds the reader up to a feeling of bathos at the end of the poem due the lack of harmony and lack of accomplishment.

    The narrator also uses several ‘slang’ terms and abbreviations. Such as “Gonna build”, “kinda fabulous” and “built his biz”. This once again shows the free flowing nature of the narrator’s ideas and actions and also shows the simplicity of them due to the non-standard English used.

    The repetition of “never found” in the third to last line show the futility and loss he is now left with. As he has not found his one true love and is now not complete. This adds to the sense of pathos for the narrator as it’s stated that the narrator has had these dreams for a very, very long time.

    The repetition of the capitalisation of “Liberty Jack” shows us its importance to the narrator. As well as it being repeated in the first line and the last shows the cyclical nature of his actions and ideas, and how throughout his life in the poem he has still not achieved his aims. This is the vicious cycle the narrator is going through, once again evoking pathos and sympathy from the reader.

    There could also be a possible oxymoronic title in the poem. I say this because Liberty if something you associate with happiness, freedom and joy. By the end of the poem Jack has failed to meet his ambitions and is sad, lost and without purpose. These are opposites of each other, so the fact that they’re put together shows how the two are juxtaposed and no longer complement each other.

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